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Never hesitate to contact us at anytime to discuss your needs–we understand that your car is more than just a bunch of sheet metal with wheels. Each car is unique and we can address your concerns for particular cases.

Same-day service is available but scheduling ahead is encouraged, particularly for comprehensive services. We also offer vehicle valeting to local clientele. Call ahead if you plan to drop your car off after hours.


car truck SUV detailing service cincinnati

Pitstop 1: $39 Car/Truck/SUV
Thorough hand wash of all body panels, wheels and fender wells. Door jambs cleaned and tire shine applied.

Pitstop 2: $69 Car/Truck/SUV
Hand wash Body and wheel faces, vacuum and wipe down interior with pH neutral surface cleaner, streak-free windows. Complementary tire shine & cabin freshener spray.

Pitstop 3: $99 Car/Truck/SUV
Hand wash body & door jambs, degrease wheels, tires and fender wells, gloss-enhancing shine applied to all painted surfaces. Vacuum and wipe down interior with pH neutral surface cleaner, shampoo floor mats & streak-free windows. Complementary tire shine & cabin freshener spray.

Platinum Pitstop: $50 Car/Truck/SUV
Recurring maintenance program for customers after having purchased a comprehensive service. Includes thoroughly hand-washed body & door jambs, wheels & fender wells are degreased, tire shine & gloss-enhancing wax booster applied to all painted surfaces. Interiors are vacuumed and wiped down with pH neutral surface cleaner to remove light dust and grime, windows are left streak-free. Should be performed every two to four weeks. (Valet service available for $70 Car/Truck/SUV)


car truck SUV detailing service cincinnati

Clear Bra Installation:
Protect the front of your vehicle from damage caused by rocks, gravel, salt or insects through the application of durable and virtually invisible, Xpel paint protection film. Comes with a 10 year warranty from fading, cracking, and discoloration. Installation costs vary, contact us for more information.

New Car Prep with Warranty
When you purchase a new or preowned vehicle, book a date with us to properly protect the interior and exterior for many years to come. Our prep service includes cleaning the interior, conditioning leather and dash surfaces with UV resistant, non greasy finish, stain-guarding the carpets, washing, claybarring and machine polishing the exterior, then applying Opti Coat, permanent paint protection, to all paint and wheel surfaces-making future cleaning easier (click here for more on OptiCoat). Cars: $700, Truck/SUV: $750 (Compare this to a dealership package of $1,000.00 or more) Add an Xpel clear bra to the front of your new vehicle for impact protection from rocks & bugs-contact us for more information! (Click here for warranty info on Opti Coat.)

Stage I
Great for customers who want a very clean car inside and out. This service starts with a thorough cleaning of the interior; the floor mats and carpet are shampooed and the dashboard, upholstery and leather are deep cleaned. The wheels, rims and wheel-wells are degreased to remove dirt & grime and tires are coated with a glossy dressing. The vehicle's body is washed then clay bar decontaminated to extrude bonded environmental buildup from the paint (click here for more info on clay bar paint decontamination) The paint is protected with a hand-applied durable sealant–rated for 6-8 months of protection. Cars: $160, Truck/SUV: $180 (Susceptible to additional neglected fee, click here for more info)

Stage II
Consider this service to greatly improve the appearance of your interior and exterior. This package starts with a thorough cleaning of the carpets, dashboard, upholstery, and leather; dressing surfaces in a durable, non-greasy conditioner to prevent cracking and block UV rays. Focus is then turned to the wheels and engine where everything is thoroughly degreased and cleaned, then dressed to a professional finish. The vehicle body is then washed and decontaminated (click here for more info on clay bar paint decontamination) and machine polished to a brilliant luster, removing most swirls / light defects from tunnel car washes or snow brushes. The paint is then protected with a hand-applied coating of durable wax or sealant–rated for 6-8 months of continuous protection. Cars: $325, Truck/SUV: $375 (add a second polishing pass for just $50-suggested for dark colored vehicles.)

Opti Coat PRO:
Permanent, hydrophobic ceramic coating with a manufacturer's warranty, included with our New Car Package. This is the most advanced chemical paint protection offered industry-wide. Traditional carnuba wax lasts a few months, top-quality sealants last up to six months. But now you can have a lifetime of paint protection with this premium product. Opti Coat's polymers bond with your vehicle's paint/plastic surfaces to create a true shield against atmospheric contamination, bug acid, bird droppings, salt and swirls induced from washing/drying. Opti Coating is so slick that future cleaning is easier and hassle-free. Opti Coat will not diminish over time like traditional wax/sealant-the only way it can be removed is by machine polishing. This product is sprayed on to the vehicle surface which must be clay barred and machine polished first so that contamination, swirl marks, haze and light blemishes are removed before this permanent protection locks into the paint. (Opti Coat requires an hour of "cure" time before the car can be driven. Warranty available for cars up to 5 years old ONLY. Click here for warranty info on Opticoat)

  With Warranty Without Warranty
Coupe/Sedan $600 $500


Clean & Protect Interior N/A $125


cincinnati paint restoration

Interior Cleaning & Odor Removal: Our interior and upholstery cleaning service rejuvenates the faded look of your dash and leather. Includes carpet/floormat shampoo and UV resistant conditioning. Cigarette and odor removal available through use of our Ozone generator. Billed @ $75/hr (Typical turn-around time, 3 hours, odor removal best accomplished if you can leave the vehicle overnight for a complete saturation-contact us for more info.)

Headlight Restoration: We can remove haze and years of oxidation, bringing your headlights back to a crystal clear finish: $75 (when combined with another service) Click here for more info...

Paint Correction/Machine Polishing: Consider this service to really make your paint glisten! Paint correction begins with a a two-step wash and paint decontamination (click here for more info on clay bar paint decontamination) followed by machine-polishing to remove swirls and oxidation. Afterward the paint is hand-waxed to seal and protect that new finish. Also includes a thorough cleaning of the fender wells, tires and rims plus glossy dressing applied to rubber + trim: Billed @ $75/hr (Estimated duration: Cars 3 hours, Truck/SUV 4 hours; another 1-2 hours for dark or oxidized paints)

Scratch and Paint Chip Repair: Reduce unsightly rock chips or fill-in deep scratches to restore a near-flawless finish to your vehicle's body. Our touch-up system leaves the blemish even with the existing surface so that there is no obvious correction. Click here for service example: $75/hour (plus paint cost)

Leather Repair: Bring back the original luster to your leather! If your leather seats are worn out, the bolsters have been abraided of their color, if the seat has suffered a chemical burn or worse–a tear we can refinish the seat(s) to a near-flawless finish. Our process includes cleaning, repairing, and dying the seat surface(s): $75/hour (plus dye cost). Click here for more info...

Wet Sanding/Paint Leveling:
Our wet sanding technique is the equivalent to a Hollywood face-lift for your clear coat. We spend hours consciously massaging away years of surface blemishes, unsightly orange peel and oxidation through an ultra-fine, wet-sanding process. Luster and brilliance is restored through multiple machine polishing passes and then sealed with a rich, carnuba wax–giving your car a mirror finish and flawless reflections. Guaranteed to deliver the "wow-factor" when you tell everyone they're looking at the original paint. Please allow 3-5 days (36-50 hours): $75/hour




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August: Window tinting service now available! Our computer-cut tint is made to fit your vehicle's side and rear windows exactly. We carry SolarFX tint; chose ULTRA if you want a lifetime color-stable tint or option for ceramic coated XTREME tint if you want unmatched heat-rejection and scratch-resistant film.

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