About Us

In 2007, owner Jaison Tortorea launched third_shift|studios (ts|s). The company name derives from doing freelance design after working his traditional 8-5 advertsing and marketing job. Jaison's formal education is a bachelor's degree in graphic and communication design from LaRoche University. Jaison's artistic background gives him the ability to approach car detailing from a unique point of view which results in a truly aesthetic finish.

In the beginning ts|s initially developed a line of car emblem designs for GM late model muscle car and show car enthusiasts. ts|s Custom Car Emblems quickly established ground as news spread like rapid fire; fueled by web forums and eCommerce convenience. In 2008, ts|s was officially licensed by General Motors to reproduce near-factory quality customized emblems.

With such success in the car enthusiast world nationally, ts|s turned to an unexplored local venture; car detailing for Pittsburgh, PA. Utilizing years of car show experience, marketing & customer service background plus the genuine appreciation for automotive aesthetics, the company quickly gained a client base. ts|s Detailing originally began as a weekend hobby for Jaison while juggling his career paths. In May 2010, he resigned from his graphic design career to pursue a passion for automotive appearance full time. TSS Detailing was initialy just an on-site (mobile) service. In February of 2013 the company opened a 1300 sq ft studio in Madisonville, Ohio so as to accommodate more clientele and offer a broader range of services. Since initiation, TSS Detailing quickly became synonymous with high quality auto detailing and continues to provide detailing services to participants in tri-state car shows, Calvalcade of Customs and Concours d'Elegance.
In August, 2016, Jaison and his family moved from Cincinnati back to their hometown of Pittsburgh. The new shop was first located in McKees Rocks then in 2019 expanded to a larger, 6,000 sq ft facility in West View, North Hills. The current shop is beautifully lit with giant windows spanning the lenght of the western wall. It features multiple detail bays and a seperate "clean room" with a scissor lift, ideal for wrapping and protecting vehicles.